Sunday, October 13, 2013

a love story

"Men will come and go, but a good outfit will always be there." -My mother

My first love will always be fashion. There is just something about buying the perfect outfit that seems to dull any kind of pain, I am a firm believer in retail therapy.

a little about myself
I am just a southern college student getting by on a part-time retail job, dreaming of bigger things. My major is currently marketing with hopes of joining the cutthroat fashion industry, but I am still finding my place. I shop on a budget, a very, very sad budget, but I do my best. I wouldn't necessarily define my style except to say it fits whatever mood I am in.

why am i here
I've created this blog to pass along my knowledge of shopping on a budget, I love finding (almost) replicas of designer clothes. I'm here to help you find ways spice up the old pieces in your closet, as well providing make-up and hair tips every once in awhile. And most importantly I'm here for you, I'm here to help your every fashion need. I'm excited to get down to business and I promise you will love my site once I get it going, as long as you promise your loyalty. I have a true passion for fashion (why does that have to rhyme?!) and I'm doing this for fun, success story or not this blog is to put a little piece of me out in the world and if I help one persons confidence then that's enough for me. 

xo lc

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